Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

T-24 hours

Our last day in this house and I’m read to count down the minutes. The boys are going to Grandma’s tonight. So our last night in the house will be just Sir and I. While I would love to say that we’ll be spending tonight doing a big scene as a send off to this part of our lives, we’ll probably take the boys’ beds apart and go to bed early. Not very sexy, but this time tomorrow we’ll be loading up the truck and being sore and tired doesn’t seem like a good plan.

Today is a lot of rushing around to get done what I can. Packing up bags for the boys will be quick. Then it’s just packing and more packing. The poor dog has been panicking a little more with each box, so I know she’s going to be glad when this is over.

There is just a lot of emotion filling the house today. We talked to the boys this morning about saying goodbye to the house. The 20mo doesn’t really get it, but the 4yo does. He switches from excited to angry depending on the moment. The plan is to try and have both of their rooms basically put together when they get there on Sunday, so hopefully the transition won’t be too traumatic. I mean, the jungle gym will be up in the back yard, so I think they’ll be fine.

Work baggage is getting to Sir though. He will be drastically adding to his commute and his boss has been anything but understanding during this stressful time. I understand that businesses have to run, but they are staffed by real people with real problems. I guess I just expected a little more understanding from her. Not sure why. Though my boss has been amazing about my hours between the move and my mom’s accident. My old jobs had understanding bosses as well; I guess I was luckier than I realized.

But I have a pretty strict mission today. Lots of packing and moving as much as I can to the first floor. Anything to try and save time tomorrow. And all this lifting is making up for the fact that I haven’t been able to do a proper workout in about two weeks.


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