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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Owned, Leashed, & Beaten

I spent some time in the corner recently. Often when Sir is setting up a scene he has me sink into my happy submissive place by kneeling in his closet with my nose in the corner. It’s not a punishment; it’s just a good way for me to let go of my other responsibilities and prepare for whatever he asks of me. Sir pulled out the bondage toys and lots of lovely things to make me squirm. Our toys have been packed away since the move and it was nice to get things out again.

My mind was racing through the day and various tasks to remember. But after he gave me some clamps and told me to decorate my pussy I couldn’t focus on much else. Nothing makes you forget your mental grocery list faster than having clamps on your clit. He also pulled out my leash, which always helps me feel owned as well. Sir has enjoyed slowly testing out the nipple piercings and the wartenberg wheel made a painful appearance. Once he was done testing my breasts I was ordered up on the bed.

I got excited as he handed me the doxy and let me get comfortable. For a few minutes anyway. Then, in one of the brief moments I opened my eyes I saw him standing over me with the riding crop. I was allowed to keep working toward my orgasm, but he had me hold my legs up in the air. He started lightly hitting my thighs, but quickly worked his way up to harder swings. The juxtaposition between the vibration on my clit and the sting on my legs had me moaning and begging in no time. The crop on it’s own would have reached my higher pain levels quickly, but with the doxy to temper each strike, the pain made my pleasure even stronger. Sir let me writhe for awhile before he let me come. Only as my orgasm shot through me did my legs start to hurt from the strain of holding them up as my muscles convulsed. When he took the doxy from me and let me relax I curled into a gooey ball. He covered me with the aftercare blanket and unclipped my leash.

Owned, leashed, beaten, and allowed to pleasure myself with a glorious orgasm. I would be happy writing that sentence all day everyday.

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2 Responses to “Owned, Leashed, & Beaten”

  • Kayla Lords

    I can only imagine all that sensory overload. It sounds glorious! 🙂

  • Jade

    I LOVE the juxtaposition of pain and pleasure…riding the tightwire between them… And yes, I’d love to write that sentence every day myself! 🙂


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