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Peace and Quiet

Those of you with small children may hate me reading this, so I don’t judge you at all if you just skip over this post today.

My children are gone. My mother-in-law came last night and left this morning with the kids. Right now I’m sitting on my couch, by myself, in the quiet of my living room. It’s insane. I have a list of things to get done today. Cleaning the living room as I know it will actually stay clean for a day or two. Organizing my craft space in the basement where I can get away, my own woman cave. I would love to go for a walk. Get to know the neighborhood better and get a good workout in would be nice. Hell, I am drinking my coffee out of a mug rather than a travel cup as I don’t have to worry about small hands knocking it over. It’s all about the little joys, right.

And I’m planning a date. A with someone else date. It’s going to be interesting. Sir is supportive. In fact, I think we’re both a little excited. A new experience for both of us. But I’m looking at it as a chance to help me define my submission better. Sir often asks what I want from him as a Dom and I really struggle with that question. I am hoping that interacting and possibly doing scenes with another Dom will help me to clarify what I enjoy and need from him. It’s a scary thought though. I realized the other day that I haven’t had sex with anyone else in ten years. It’s just a little heady that today that could change. On the other hand, we could not mesh well at all and just go our separate ways having met a new kinky friend. I’m sure either way I’ll be reflecting and writing about it for a few days.

I’m nervous though. Sitting here in my peace and quiet and I just want to make a good impression. Maybe I need another shower.

2 Responses to “Peace and Quiet”

  • Marie Rebelle

    Oh my, this sounds so interesting and exciting… a kinky new friend! I hope to hear a lot more 🙂

    Rebel xox

  • ancilla ksst

    Good luck and hope you have fun on your date!


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