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Airport Arrivals

Plane at the gate.

I sat nervously as everyone jostled to get off the plane first. I knew that it would take awhile for the luggage to get unloaded and down to baggage claim. There wasn’t any point in fighting with the moms and businessmen to rush off the plane and wait. Besides, it wasn’t like I could get any more nervous than I already was. The five and a half hour flight had done that well enough.

As the last few people walked by I stood and grabbed my purse from the empty seat next to me. The flight attendant wished me a nice stay in San Francisco as I got off the plane; I told her I hoped so too, and thanks. Then I awkwardly started following the signs to baggage claim.

I’m not sure why I was so nervous. We had been talking for ages. Everything from our love of comic books to how much we loved the theme song to Civilization:IV. We liked the same movies, enjoyed the same food, and he didn’t run away when I sent him nude photos. I think I was more afraid of myself and my own bad habits. He had done everything right, and that could be a large problem. I couldn’t completely fall for him. Not yet anyway. What if the sex was bad? Or…, or I had no clue. The reality was that it was our first in-person meeting and I had flown across the country and if I fell for him I wouldn’t want to leave in three days and I had to and that was that.

As I came down one of the ramps leading to the lower level of the concourse I saw a mother with two little girls that had been on my flight. So I followed them to what I hoped was the correct carousel. Watching her made my biological clock tick a few times, but the stress in her face hit the snooze on that alarm pretty quick. Her daughters hadn’t been misbehaved on the flight, but now they were loose and it was all she could do to wrangle them and their carry-on bags.

The carousel was already on and various sizes of the same black suitcase were sliding down the conveyor. I again settled down toward the back of the pack and waited for the herd to thin. I had told him that my flight landed at 9:30 am, but it had gotten in early, so my nerves were only now starting to rise again. A few people grabbed their bags and I could see a sliver of the conveyor through the crowd in front of me. The line of black suitcases was interrupted in a flash as I saw my bright yellow bag peak through. I rushed forward to grab it before it went around again. Several people looked at me like I was a bit crazy for my flamboyant color choice, others were jealous at my good idea. I couldn’t take all the credit though, my mother had bought the bag for me before I had traveled abroad, and it had been so handy to have a bright colored suitcase that I never thought to use anything else.

I made it back out of the group before I saw him walking through the doors from the parking garage. His eyes trained on my suitcase and I silently cursed my mother. He smiled and I simultaneously felt nervous and turned on. His photo had caused a similar reaction, but this was much stronger. He walked toward me with more confidence that I think I’ve ever felt. As he got close I remembered all of our sexy conversations and joking pictures. As soon as he got an arm’s length away I pulled him toward me and kissed him with all the nervous energy from my flight. He didn’t seem to mind as he grabbed my waist an pulled me in tighter.

It was all that our talks and plans had come to. This weekend was about having a good time. From our conversations we were both overworked. He had less vacation time than I did, which was why I flew out to him. So worrying about emotions and what came next would have to wait. I could stew about it on the flight home in four days. Until then I planned on not wasting time being shy and reserved. After all, he had already seen me naked. He pulled back and simultaneously grabbed my bag and my hand.

“I think we better get moving toward the car.” Luckily he did have my hand or I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with him.

“What’s the rush. You’re stuck with me for three whole days.” I tried to be jovial, but my insecure nature was already worried.

“Well, I didn’t think these pants through this morning and they don’t hide my raging hard-on very well. That and I’m not sure airport security would look kindly on me fucking you in baggage claim.”

I smiled. “I don’t know. How many thrills do you think those guys get in a day?”

“Not near enough, but I don’t plan on being one of them. The cameras in the parking garage may get quite a show though, as there is not way I will last until we get back to my apartment.” He grinned as we walked down the breezeway toward short-term parking. The little blue hatchback was surrounded by other parked cars, but no other people were in sight as he loaded my large yellow bag into the back. I took a seat on the passenger side, but didn’t put my seat belt on. He climbed into the driver’s seat and immediately pulled me in for a kiss. His hands were on my breasts and in my hair. I moaned  as he kissed and bit a line down the side of my neck. I ran my hand down his chest to feel his cock straining through his pants. Then I pushed him into his seat.

“Put your seat back.” I told him as I began to undo his belt. He was right, his pants really didn’t leave much to the imagination. Less so for me as I had an image of his erection set in my brain from all our photo and video exchanges. I unzipped his fly and pulled his boxers down enough to free his cock and balls. I looked up to see him leaning back against the seat watching me work. I have him a grin and stretched across to bend down and take him in my mouth completely.

I almost laughed as he moaned and relaxed into the seat. His relaxation didn’t last long as he quickly grabbed my hair and began fucking my face. Apparently he had a lot of built up tension too. I was glad to not be alone. Almost as glad as I was to have his cock in my mouth at that moment. I massaged his balls and legs as I worked to keep pace with him. This wasn’t about taking our time, this was about that need that we were both feeling. I had had it since 5:15 that morning when I woke up to drive to the airport. I needed to know that we were a good sexual fit. And if I could get him off in the car in the airport short-term parking lot, then there was a good chance we would be.

He kept moaning and forcing my mouth further down onto him. Then just a simple request.

“Hold it.” I stopped. As much of his cock as I could take. I was still for a moment and then started moving my tongue around his shaft. I could move much, but it was enough. He moaned and I could feel his legs tense and squeeze his cock up and even further down my throat. Then they twitched and relaxed as I moved lips up and down in order to swallow. I licked him clean before sitting up and smiling at him splayed out on the seat. He looked content.

I let him enjoy the orgasm calm as I texted my mom to let her know that I had made it okay and I would call her later tonight. When I put the phone back in my purse he zipped up his pants and pulled his seat back up.

“That was very nice. Thanks.”

“I enjoyed it too. I think we were both a little on edge about how this was going to go.” He nodded.

“Now, I was going to take you to lunch as I know your body clock is three hours ahead. But, after that, I feel the need to reciprocate first. And, seeing how my little car isn’t really designed to make you comfortable for such an activity, I propose that we head back to my place. Maybe expel a little more energy and then I can take you out to lunch with lovely orgasmic glow.”

“Well, if you insist.” I sat back in my seat and clicked my seat belt. As we drove out of the parking garage I was already worried about when I would see this building again. In four days, when I had to go back to my real life. Just when I started to feel the panic begin to creep up my neck he grabbed my hand. I looked over to see him smiling at me. Then he grabbed my boob and put his hand back on the wheel. I laughed.

I was in a lot of trouble.

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4 Responses to “Airport Arrivals”

  • Jack (and Jill)

    How’s this for a coincidence: I just got through fucking Jill. My orgasm was expedited by thoughts of a scenario unbelievably similar to this one. Very hot!

  • Marie Rebelle

    mmm now this is a good way to start a weekend together! Nice fantasy 🙂

    Rebel xox

  • Lord Raven

    I can imagine that was a great time with much anticipation to see where it will all lead to.

  • Molly

    Sounds like it was the perfect meet up to me and reminds me of all the times I met Michael at the airport



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