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Casual Degradation

A while ago, I came across this post on Tumblr:

One of my favorite things is casual degradation.

Especially when it’s cute.
Cuddle me tight, kiss my forehead, and call me your dumb little cocksocket. Call me that in the same tone you would call someone “love” or some other cute nickname.

If I’m taking a bath come in to talk about my day and casually unzip your fly and piss in my bathwater, without changing tone.

When I’m making dinner shove a barely lubed plug up my ass while kissing my neck and asking what we’re having.

Make my degradation so casual and part of every day that it becomes a language of love, that without it I worry you’re mad at me.

About a week ago, I showed that post to Rye. She just nodded and said, “Yep.” I smiled.

This expression of “casual degradation” is magnificent. I love the idea of interjecting BDSM sensibilities into every-day life. As Rye discussed yesterday, this is probably not something that’s going to work in all parts of our everyday life, but I want to find a way. That’s why, as I worked from home day, I filled two ice cube trays with piss and set them to cool in the freezer in the garage. I will figure out a way to get them into her drinks whenever I feel like it. Dinner, kids at home, even when her parents are visiting. And with every sip she can taste how much I think about her, how focused I am on her, and how owned she is.


Another wonderful element of this is that it gives her the ability to ask for humiliation without having to worry about my response. I will always say yes to this.  If she is feeling disconnected, needing to request more attention, she can ask me to make her a drink. (Realistically, I know it’s going to be years before she asks me to make her a drink again, but she knows she can and she knows what will happen.)

She is my beautiful piss-drinking cumdumpster, and she makes me so happy and proud.

Note: If you’re interested in discussing these ideas more, check out my new group on Fetlife, “Casual Degradation Enthusiasts.”

One Response to “Casual Degradation”

  • ancilla ksst

    We have nothing so exciting as piss cubes, but I’m into this sort of thing too, as a reminder of whose slave I am.


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