Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Fresh Fantasies

Okay, time to let go of the last week and make that experience a memory. Time to move on to what is coming. And hopefully that will be me… a lot (okay, you knew I couldn’t side step that opportunity).

I ordered my tickets for my sexy vacation this fall. I guess technically it’s only half a sexy vacation. I will be spending the second half of it visiting my cousin in Los Angeles. She’s been out there for almost a year now. She’s doing well, but I miss her. She’s the youngest on both sides of my family and I always looked at her as a little sister. I’ll be crashing on her couch  for a few nights while she shows me around town. We are even talking about getting matching tattoos. She is the other tattoo addict in the family. It should be a good time.

However, before I head down to her I’ll be hopefully crashing in bed (not their couch) with a couple on the west coast. It’s not really a loan by Sir, he’s just letting me have some fun with a pair I’ve been flirting with for the last several months. If anything, he’s jealous that my first threesome won’t be with him. Not that he begrudges me this experience. At this point the way I grin from ear to ear whenever we talk about it, he is almost as excited as I am. I have been ordered to get lots of pictures though.

In any case the fantasies that have resulted from this upcoming trip have been numerous. All those films where people meet at the airport. It starts like that. And ends with naked Chinese food and eighties movies.

Maybe my fantasies aren’t normal. In which case, don’t judge my naked Chinese food fantasies.


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