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No Marks

I’m a glutton for marks. I love those little red lines. Proof that I’ve taken what Sir has asked me to. However, for whatever reason my skin does not like to play along. No matter how hard he hits me (and trust me, he’s given it some effort) I don’t stay red for long. I will bruise if I hit a table corner or one of the boys throws a toys at me. But if I take thirty hits from the crop I won’t have any proof after an hour or so.

I’ve actually attempted to edit this photo to make the red marks on my ass stand out more. Obviously will little success.

Rye bent over the bed. Her ass with few marks from the riding crop.

See who else is being sinful this Sunday. Hopefully with more proof of it than me.

Sinful Sunday Kiss Logo

**Also, wanted to say Happy Father’s Day to all the kinky dads out there. Keeping your kids clean and your significant other’s less so. Have a great day.**

13 Responses to “No Marks”

  • Marie Rebelle

    I can definitely see some red there. The one implement that instantly leaves marks on me is the dragon tail…

    Rebel xox

  • Modesty Abaze

    Marks or not . . . this is a lovely, warming, photo!!!
    Xxx – K

  • SilverDom

    Ah, the proverbial leather butt? 😉

  • atiya

    some of us dont for one reason or another dont mark up easily….
    I have the bad luck that the marks leave my body as quickly as they were put there.

    by the way…your arse look amazing! great shot

  • Absolutely Ruby

    I totally understand this frustration!! I can get some really good marks sometimes but every now and then when he’s really whacked me with the crop or whip a few hours later i have nothing to show for the pain and it’s so frustrating!!
    Beautiful picture 🙂

  • Heelsnstocking

    Great image that clearly demonstrates activities and we don’t require proof of marks.

    As a lady said during a spanking session that I attended once whilst she inspected bottoms: “Oooh, I know where I can fry some eggs tonight”

  • Molly

    I am similar. Sometimes I bruise but other times everything will be gone in such a short time. I used to bruise a lot more but with time my bum seems to have toughed up somewhat


  • sub-Bee

    I know exactly how you feel. It’s very rare that Sir leaves much of a mark on me, except the damn misery stick. Yet I just need to look at a corner of a desk and I have a big purple bruise I’ll catch for days afterwards!

  • Eugene Noale

    It’s a nice photo. Kinda sweet but also really sexy. Next time try increasing the red or magenta then increase your saturation, lower your exposure, and finally pump up you contrast. It should be very obvious that your butt is red then.

  • Jo

    Does a cane work? I love this photo – great angle, and the ankle restraints are hot. So is your pink bottom!

  • HappyComeLucky

    There is definitely a glow in this image – plus you look amazing. I don’t tend to mark but I can still feel the evidence when I sit down etc for longer.

  • Cammies on the Floor

    Beautiful perspective and I like how I can see some implements in the photo as well

  • Exhibit A

    Love your position in this – the way your ass is sticking up so obscenely is somehow really hot…


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