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A Pet for Good Behavior

After my experience with being loaned, I realized that a permanent second dominant wasn’t going to work in my life. Between work, my kids, and Sir there just isn’t enough time left. I would always feel like I was short-changing him. However, I still craved the control and attention that Sir didn’t always have the time or energy to give me. I’m selfish like that.

Enter my good friend from twitter. He has always classified himself as sub, an unrequited sub in most cases. We have been talking for a long time and have quite a bit in common despite our age difference. He has supported and helped me through a lot in the last several months and I consider one of my closest friends, even though he lives half a world away.

He has been doing a lot of reading as of late and is entering an amazing new period of discovery of himself and his relationships. So we are looking at redefining our friendship as well. I am now his pet (Can I just say **Woohoo** as this has been something I’ve been reading and fantasizing about for a very long time?). We are really taking our time with this. We don’t want to alter our friendship so much that it cannot be repaired if this experiment doesn’t go to plan. We started working on our diets and exercise together, so we are just going to ramp that up a bit. I have to take body measurements and he is going to put together an exercise schedule once I get settled in the new job. Like I said, slow.

Sir has been supportive. Controlling my diet is not on his list of fun things. That and he knows how much I go gooey when I am called ‘pet’. I have been wearing a smile the entire weekend and I don’t think he is going to complain.

Both of us have marriages (his isn’t D/s) and kids and jobs, and we want to respect that as we play around with adding this dynamic to our friendship. We don’t really have a label as yet, though he calls me pet (which I find gooey and lovely, if you were following along). There will be slow changes as we add things and change rules and reporting. Eventually he may decide to set up some sort of reward/punishment system. Sir has offered to give punishments. Somehow he was quiet when rewards were mentioned. But again, there are things to take into consideration. Buying me things isn’t an option until his wife understands what this is, if then. And rushing him isn’t what this is about, for either of us.

So I’m sure I’ll be talking about how this relationship progresses and what comes of it. Maybe I’ll see, as we sort out some sort of label for this, if I can put him on my cast list on here too. Either way I’m sure I will be wearing a smile for my first day of work this morning.

4 Responses to “A Pet for Good Behavior”

  • Penny

    Sounds exciting, can’t wait to hear more as you go along. Hope you have a great first day at work!

  • Tamar

    “Buying me things isn’t an option until his wife understands what this is, if then.” The ‘until his wife understands what this is’ part gave me pause, and I hope it did you as well. I’m hoping that you and he have discussed being open and honest with your respective spouses, and that all partners are on board with all of this- otherwise, that’s a pretty big red flag, and sure to bite you in the arse at some point, let alone the fact that you’d be contributing to something that might end up hurting another human being if his wife doesn’t understand what’s going on and hasn’t consented to being a part of it, and if her husband is involved, she’s a part of it. Tread carefully, my dear. I know you want what you want, but please don’t hurt others to get it, and don’t let others hurt their partners to give it to you. Insist that he make sure his wife DOES understand and consents to what’s going on before going any further.

    • Rye

      I completely agree. We have recently been supporting one another in our weight loss goals (which she knew about). That really hasn’t changed. He is just helping me to set up some exercise schedules. Nothing else has been set up. He is talking to her about me, us, and what he wants it to be. Sir knows everything and has open access to my messenger and this blog. He has been supportive.

      I have no intention of causing anyone hurt. We are just in a talking phase and haven’t set up any sort of rules and/or punishment system yet. She would be aware of any of that if/when it exists.

  • Natali Noir

    This sounds very interesting. I’m looking forward to hearing where it moves. I also agree with @Tamar though. Be careful and be safe 🙂


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