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TMI Warning

***I should probably title all my posts with some sort of warning. Just thought I should warn you of the pending ick factor that could be this post for some people. Mostly men. In fact, if you are a woman you will probably find it funny, or at the very least understand it. If you are a man and you find it funny, I want to have sex with you  🙂 ***

So my new job gave me a yeast infection. I shit you not! Not from a toilet seat or anything, but because I have to wear real clothes. I got so used to wearing long flowy dresses with no underwear at home. Some days I wouldn’t get dressed at all. And my pussy was happy. Aired out and cool; a picture of shaved perfection. Good times.

Now that I am working outside the house full-coverage is required. Pants, long-sleeves, and shoes (I know, it’s crazy!). And even though my body is trying to acclimate, my cunt can’t keep up. No matter how fast I strip when I walk in the door at night, the damage has already been done. Sitting in all those layers, even air conditioned, is leaving my pussy a sweaty mess. And apparently this week it was hot enough to throw off my PH balance completely.

So it looks like no sex for me this weekend as I walk around in as little as possible and let the medicine work it’s magic. Medically induced orgasm denial is the worst though. And after being in a pissy mood all week, I was really looking forward to as many poundings as I could beg for. I’m sure Sir won’t mind the extra oral attention though until all my holes are up and running again.

This was just a side effect of working outside the home that I wasn’t prepared for. Though I guess I should have been. My body rejects attempts to wear any more than is strictly necessary. I just hope that after this my cunt will fall in line and accept that during office hours it has to be happy with the pretty thongs that I wear under my business attire.

Next thing you know my tits will start giving me lip.

4 Responses to “TMI Warning”

  • James

    Interesting reading, even for a man!

    My question is why would feel the need to wear panties if you didn’t want to (and if that would help)? I know plenty of women who go commando under jeans or pants with no worries.

    If you feel the need, rest assured… you look pretty good in a thong!


  • Anonymous

    Morning, I have exactly the same problem, I have been knickerless for years, in fact originally I did it because of a yeast infection (which coincided with a new M/s rule at the same time). I wash only in aqueous creams, no long soaks, bubbles, soaps, etc, you get the jist. Suddenly, work changes from a dress code, to a tunic and trousers – eek. The way I get around it, is not wear any knickers still (I am not a juicy Lucy/and clean), as I would then be back to square one, but I order a pair of trousers, one size bigger. There is a reason for my madness I promise! That way, I don`t get too hot as no knickers and the trousers are not “up there” so to speak lol. – James – a thong is a yeast infections best friend lol, no go there.

    • Rye

      I am hoping that as I lose weight that my trousers will get looser and that will help. And ditching the knickers is definitely my new plan.

  • Molly

    Eat lots of live yogurt too, it really does help with the natural PH balance in your vagina. It really does have to be proper live yogurt though and try to avoid eating too much sugars too as that helps to create the perfect breeding ground for the yeast that causes thrush.



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