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Away Message

My away message at the office is much less entertaining that this one. Trust me.

By the time this is posted I should be waiting to board my flight to San Francisco. I will be spending two days with Jack and Jill from over at Frisky in the 916. I’m sure that photos and tweets will be flying for a few days. Then I head down to L.A. to see my cousin until Sunday.

I am hoping to work on several posts and I’m sure I’ll be inspired to write more. I get home on Sunday evening, but not sure if I’ll have the chance to get back here before next Monday. Just not sure how much internet I’ll have. You know, when I’m not busy sucking cock.

Hope everyone has a lovely, sex week. I can’t wait to tell you all about mine.

One Response to “Away Message”

  • Jack (and Jill)

    HOLY CRAP! IT’S US????

    I wish you’d given us some advance warning or something. We would have vacuumed. 🙂


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