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Say My Name

I learned something new about myself this week as I looked to boil down my definition of romance for last week’s Wicked Wednesday topic. I then got distracted by the election and family stuff that I had to put it aside. Even though I missed the prompt window I was so excited about my realization that I still want to share it.

I am immensely aroused when my partner says/moans/groans my name during sex. There is just something so erotic about that guttural noise. It wasn’t something that I had really thought about before (not clue why). I love inspiring moans from my partner. And I enjoy ‘dirty talk’ in general. But having my name spoken specifically is something I’ve not experienced before.

That sounds so crazy. I know that I’ve not had a very large pool of sexual partners, but it is odd that so far in my sexual life I’ve not met someone that does that. Looking back across my sexual encounters, most of them didn’t talk much at all. The occasional groan or ‘fuck’ was about it.

The trigger for this sexy realization was a video that the lover sent me. A mere six seconds of him stroking himself, but it was amazing. I had watched it without the sound earlier in the day and it was pretty hot. But when I finally found a few seconds without the boys I turned the sound back on my phone. As soon as I heard my name moaned from his lips I was wet. And we’re not talking a slight arousal wet. We’re talking, ‘I need to cum right fucking now’ wet. I was shocked, honestly.

A large part of it was name. I know that sounds redundant, but I mean my real name rather than my social media name. I’m not sure why that is sexier. Maybe just because so few people know it. Since starting my blog and entering the twitter world, there is so much more that seems true about that part of my life. The vanilla aspects of my personality fade. And normally I’m happy with that. I love the escapism that BDSM provides. Being my horny, subby, sarcastic self on twitter is often the highlight of my day. So having him use my vanilla name made it somehow more special. Like he was also turned on by the boring (not really that arousing) parts of me.

Responding to his voice was still a surprise for me though. But his heavy breathing and the near desperation in his tone was everything my pussy wanted to hear. And trust me, after looping those few seconds while masturbating into several orgasms, the rest of my body was pretty happy too. Something in complete opposition to the tone that my kids take when they want something or my co-workers take when they need a favor. And realistically, considering how wet I got when I heard it, it’s probably good that my family and/or work colleagues don’t have such a talent. All the extra orgasms would be great, but my clothes, furniture, and job would probably suffer a bit.

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2 Responses to “Say My Name”

  • John Brownstone

    There truly is power in ones name.

  • Kayla Lords

    Our names are powerful, and I love that you’ve discovered something new about yourself in the process. 🙂


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