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The Threesome Third Wheel

Rye as a third with Jack and Jill.

As Molly was nice enough to use one of my Sinful Sunday photos for this topic, I feel terrible that I am waiting until the last day to get my piece posted. But I was excited that I could use it to discuss a fun, romantic experience that I hope to have again for Wicked Wednesday. Maybe next Valentine’s day. 🙂

I think threesomes are wonderful things. I’ve only had one threesome experience so far, though two nights in a row. Jack and Jill are a wonderful couple and I couldn’t have fantasized a better first encounter. At the time though, I was a nervous mess. Here was a couple that a) had had several previous threesomes, b) had an amazing physical connection on their own, and c) already knew all the right moves and tricks to please the other. So I was this third wheel coming in trying to play catch up and learn as quickly as possible.

Admittedly, there is something exciting about that third wheel experience. It’s new and I think adds to the pleasure of the evening. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to try a threesome with my husband or Jack and a third unknown person. I imagine there is a comfort in knowing and completely trusting one person going into that adventure. Personally, I think it would make me more confident in my actions. Knowing that I had the support and could be certain of pleasuring at least one of us would make me more likely to take charge. I would act on that urge to tell him to fuck me while I sucked on her clit, rather than just wishing one of them would mention it.

I think that is the general third wheel fear, at least for me. This couple knows each other’s buttons and tells to ensure the pleasure of the other. The third is just spit-balling. If one could relax and go with the flow, I’m sure that would help. I’m just sort of an anxious person when it comes to sex, so I was lucky to have an amazing couple who was patient with me.

In all my readings, both fiction and non-fiction, that is what a threesome is for someone though. A third wheel type experience. More often than not there are two people who know each other intimately inviting a third into their fun. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a story where three strangers meet at a bar or social gathering and end up in a hotel room together. Though, now that I say that, I may have to write it, just so I can say it’s out there.

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7 Responses to “The Threesome Third Wheel”

  • Marie Rebelle

    I’ve had some threesomes many many years ago, but those were under circumstances I don’t want to repeat. It’s brilliant that your first experience was so good 🙂

    Rebel xox

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Very arousing photo . . . and two nights in a row! Now that sounds interesting!
    And yes, I think, just being able to “relax and go with the flow” is key!!!

    Xxx – K

  • Molly

    As I said in my post, a good 3some is all about the right people but then I guess that is pretty much true of most sex


  • John Brownstone

    I have only experienced one threesome and it was a wonderful blending of people, minds, and emotions. Relax, enjoy the moment and don’t over think it.

  • Livvy Libertine

    My threesome was very voyeuristic and that made for quite the different experience as well. Turns out I like being watched a little. So I learned something new about myself that night for sure. Love the picture.

  • Lord Raven

    sounds like you had an amazing time and I am happy for you, I do hope you get to have many happy threesomes

  • Bee

    I’ve never been the third wheel in a threesome. Whilst during my single days I would like to have, I never found the right people. Now it wouldn’t feel right being in a play situation without my partner.


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