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‘Move It or Lose It’ or ‘Why Your Sex Drive is Like Federal Grant Funding’

I have a theory that your sex drive is a bit like grant funding. If you don’t use it, next year they’ll give you less. For those not from the United States or those who may not know the Federal Grant Funding system, let me explain. When you apply for grant funds, you have to estimate costs for everything you intend to do. However, if you end up spending less than what they give you, when you re-apply the next year, they will give you less. They assume you don’t know how to estimate after that and undercut you. And, once your budget has been cut, it’s very hard to justify more again.

So, what if your sex drive is just like government funding? If you don’t use it properly you slowly lose it. Slowly getting less and less every year until it completely disappears.

My personal experience has been strangely both in favor and against this theory. When I was vanilla I had no sex drive, or one hardly worth measuring. I guess it doesn’t really disprove the theory as I was starting at nearly zero. The sex drive government had nothing to take away. Then I found kink. My sex drive went into overdrive. Since embracing my submissive side I have craved sex daily, usually multiple times a day. Given the chance, I would love to just be locked up in a hotel room for a few days with the occasional food and sleep break.

Lately, however, my sex drive has started to slow. My husband’s depressive slump has killed his interest in sex. I have tried to take care of things myself, but I find myself losing the plot as other things continue to take priority. At the end of the day I think about how I could have found time for more sexy times, but by then it’s usually too late.

So, as we enter into Masturbation Month, all our priorities need to re-focus. Obviously quality should always take precedent over quantity, but taking the time is equally important. Just think about if past performance were responsible for your sex drive in the future? Don’t let an allergy or work stress have a long-term affect on your attempts of lovely orgasms.

Give your current self and your future self all the lovely ‘O’ faces you deserve this month. I’ll be glad to help where I can to keep you from losing funds next month 🙂

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6 Responses to “‘Move It or Lose It’ or ‘Why Your Sex Drive is Like Federal Grant Funding’”

  • Nero Black

    Such a great analogy! I’m a big believer in “Use it or Lose it” but unfortunately my wife doesn’t share my beliefs – hence my whiney blog about not getting enough sex!
    But seriously, it irks me that we live in such a mixed up world where so many of us are unhappy with our sex lives. I’m sorry to hear your husband’s depression is slowing you down, but hopefully you can find away to ensure that next year’s budget is back on track!

  • Sweeten Dirty

    I habe always said my sex drive was like a diesel engine or car battery. Took a while to warm up, but once started ot could go on for ages. All it needed was to keep going. I completely agree with your analogy of the federal grant funding.

  • Victoria Blisse

    O faces FTW!

  • Kayla Lords

    Back in the vanilla days, I either had a ton of sexual drive (and no release) or absolutely zero. But like you, once I discovered kink, I wanted it ALL the time. I’ve backed down some since those early days, but it’s definitely higher (and easier to rev) than the vanilla sex drive.

  • Cara Thereon

    I hope this Month helps kick things into high gear for you!

  • Aaron

    Thank you for the encouragement and motivation!


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