Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.


*These rules are not currently in effect. I can’t bring myself to completely remove it, as I hope to have contract and rules again, but I feel the need to have this disclaimer*

“I am not a person, I am his thing.”

What follows are The Rules. This is a living document. It will change. You will be informed of changes when they happen. You may ask for clarification of The Rules at any time. You may object to The Rules but that doesn’t mean anything will change.

Obeying The Rules is a privilege, not a right.

If The Rules ever disagree, this is the order in which The Rules should be followed.
The Always Rules
Sex Slave
Domestic Slave
Owned Property

Section I – Rules applicable at all times (The Always Rules)

Ask permission to drink anything besides coffee (with creamer) or water
No coffee after noon without express permission
Every day, ask for lunch instructions
No snacking without permission
Complete all tasks given on wunderlist.
Have your phone within arms reach at all times when Master is not at home
Comport yourself in a respectful and respectable manner, so as not to cast dispersions upon Master, unless specifically instructed to behave otherwise.
Make sure your phone is always charged
Make sure your phone’s sound is always on (except when inappropriate).

Section II – Mothering

Protect and nurture our children.
Make sure that Daycare has everything they need
Get the children ready to go in the morning – without whining about it.
Keep Master informed of the children’s’ health and other significant information

Section III – Sex Slave

“Do as you are told.”
Ask permission to cum unless it is given in advance.
Use every opportunity to impress your owner.
Accept the fact that you do not have control over who fucks you, how, when, or where.
Accept the fact that your master’s decisions about your body are your inescapable destiny.
Accept the fact that your master will temper the enactment of his will based on his understanding of your real needs and real limitations, regardless of whether or not you are comfortable with putting limits on play. You do not get a say in whether Master respects your limits.
When anyone cums in your mouth – or if you are ever allowed to make a woman cum with your mouth – you will say “Thank you, Master” at the earliest opportunity, unless previously instructed not to speak.

Section IV – Domestic Slave

Ensure that the house is presentable at all times
Presentable means that the house may be covered in toys, folded clothes, and a couple of dirty dishes.
Presentable means that
there is no food left rotting in the kitchen (special attention to fruits and vegetables);
that the garbage is not the first thing you smell when you walk into the house
that there are not piles of dirty clothes visible outside of a hamper
Prepare meals as instructed
Make sure the soap is replaced
Make sure the laundry is done
Make sure you have at least one clean uniform available at all times, to the extent reasonable.
Pay bills.
Ensure the grocery list is adequately updated – and specifically noted
Mow the lawn

Section V – Owned Property

This rule is intentionally vague. I am not going to tell you every respectful and disrespectful action possible. You are intelligent – use your judgment.
Life is not fair and our lives are not “even.” You will feel burdened and put-upon. You will feel betrayed and disrespected. You will feel belittled and diminished. You can say when you have these emotions, but you will not do so with anger or spite.
Never forget that you are smart, witty, clever, insightful, and creative. You are to use these gifts to improve your Master’s life. This means that you are going to be required to speak out of turn when it is in your Master’s best interest. This sounds counterintuitive with regards to many other rules that are designed to ensure obedience. However, this is a false paradox. In time you will learn when best to speak and when best to hold your tongue.
Do as you are told.
Use every opportunity to impress your owner.
Present yourself well and do your best (have self confidence)
Be aware of your actions and your surroundings, so that you can be ready for whatever life throws at you (be self aware)
Ask where you will sleep at night, as instructed in the bedtime routine
Wear plain white underwear at all times, unless instructed otherwise and except as follows
Wear plain gray underwear when menstruating
Uniform: white shirt and black shorts (no underwear) as chosen by master
You will change into your uniform every day once Master gets home, and whenever instructed
You are responsible for making sure that your asshole is safely fuckable
Live every day assuming that you will be fucked in the ass that evening
After September 7, 2015: Every day
in the shower you will put as much of and as many fingers as you can into your asshole and report on it
Shave your cunt every 24 hours.
Every day, after your shower go into Master’s bedroom and cleanly hand shave your cunt.
Apply a soothing, skin friendly lotion to your cunt before going to sleep.
Always ask permission before spending any money, if foreseeable.
Report the amount of money spent immediately or as soon afterwards as is reasonable.
You own nothing. Everything you used to own is now Master’s.
You will brush your teeth three times a day:
Once you have finished your morning coffee
After lunch
Between 8 and 9pm
You will floss/use the water jet twice a day
After the lunch brushing
After the bedtime brushing
You will use your prescription mouthwash daily, in accordance with the medication’s instructions
You will take all medication as instructed and as per prescription instructions
Every day before bed, you will tell Master everything that you accomplished in the day, and everything that gave you trouble during the day. You will share your thoughts and emotions about your service. You will speak openly and honestly.
You will tell Master if you have any health concerns.

Addendum I – Bedtime Protocol

When Baby goes to bed, Big Boy loses the iPad
Big Boy brushes his teeth, then everyone puts away all electronic devices and we play until 8:00
At 8:00 we start to wind down and read books
When the books are read, he goes to bed.
We will relax and wait for him to go to sleep until 9:00
From 9:00pm until 6:00am the following morning, you will assume the demeanor of a sex slave.
At 9:00 you will go and wait in the shower in the prescribed position
I will piss on and in you as I see fit
You will shower and I may help, as I see fit
You will go into my bedroom and assume your pose on your slave bed and hold that position until I tell you to speak.
Once given permission to speak, you will say this and only this: “Where would Master like his slave to sleep tonight?”
Once the question is answered, you will sit and we discuss the activities of the past 24 hours and the anticipated activities of the next 24 hours with Master.
You will follow all instructions.

Addendum II – Punishment, or, things that will absolutely get you in trouble every single time

Cumming without permission
Disrupting Master while he is speaking
Being disrespectful, including
raising your voice in anger
raising your voice in defense
raising your voice in defiance
Rolling your eyes.
Disobeying a direct order
Not asking for clarification if it is needed
Bending the truth
Keeping secrets from Master- unless of a socially acceptable nature (personal identification information; surprise party planning; the One True Name of Santa Claus; etc.)
Endangering yourself or others, whether intentionally or negligently.